Manufacturer Guarantee


Manufacture  Warranty

ES Chimney System GmbH


Applies to Eschimney products purchased by the specialist company can be shown to have been installed in the proper manner: Eschimney guarantees the specialist company that its products have been manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials. Indicative in this regard is the state of-the-art at the time the product was manufactured. Claims for compensation for consequential loss or product liability exist only insofar as permitted by the mandatory statutory provisions. This guarantee is valid for a period till 25 years from date of purchase by the specialist company. The guarantee period is not extended by the rendering of any benefit within the framework of this guarantee, and especially not in the event of a repair or replacement. The guarantee period does not start afresh in such cases.


A condition for the validity of this guarantee is that the product has been professionally installed and maintained according to the operating/installation instructions and the applicable state-of-the-art (e.g. by a specialist business or an authorised technical company) and adherence to the operating instructions and the use of Eschimney products in accordance with the technical instructions, servicing manuals and product certificates provided by Eschimney. These conditions include, but are not limited to, acceptance of the system by a chimney sweep and the carrying out of regular maintenance and inspection work.


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