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Looking for a reliable and high-quality single wall flue system for your home or commercial building? Look no further than Our single wall flue systems are designed for use with a range of appliances, including wood-burning stoves, gas and oil-fired boilers, and more. Made from durable and long-lasting materials, our single wall flues are easy to install and provide excellent performance for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our single wall flue systems and how they can meet your specific needs.

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  1. Single wall flue pipe elbow Ø 150 mm - knee

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  2. Single wall flue pipe with throttle valve Ø 150 mm - 2 mm wall thickness - black

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  3. Steel single wall flue pipe Ø 150 mm - 2 mm wall thickness - black 250mm to 1000mm

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Find the ideal flue pipe

It's cold and snowed outside. The children sit with a hot chocolate in front of the warming and crackling fire of the fireplace. Back then, a fireplace was indispensable so that people could survive the cold winter. Nowadays it is used more as a luxury and decorative element. There are countless models that can be adapted according to individual wishes and optical furnishings. However, the function still remains the same, namely to heat one or more rooms and to create a nice atmosphere at the same time. The exhaust gases generated by the fire are correctly released from the stove up through the chimney to the outside air with the chimney pipe. In addition, all of our flue tubes are stenothermally painted. The paint is very heat-resistant and protects the surfaces of the pipes. If you have difficulties choosing the right pipe, our team will be happy to help and advise you.

The flue pipe, which can also be called a stovepipe or chimney pipe, can be easily installed using our simple assembly instructions. Many of our customers prefer to have this installed by their chimney sweepers.

History of flue pipes

Thanks to the most modern heating technologies and systems, nobody is really dependent on a fireplace any more. However, it has to be said that a fireplace also has its charm and has not lost the properties of providing warmth. Many households now use it as a central element for a homely and cozy atmosphere. With this in mind, the smoke pipe has been adapted and improved so that it is made from more robust and durable materials. At that time it was made of aluminum or enamel. However, these materials are very susceptible to fire and usually only offer an advantage in terms of their appearance. Temperatures that are too high can cause cracks, which under certain circumstances can cause the fire to spread to walls or objects. Nowadays stove pipes are made of sheet steel. Most of them are also coated with a Senotherm lacquer. This also makes them heat-resistant and thus the pipe carries less heat to the outside, which also greatly reduces the risk of fire.

Flue pipes for single or twin wall chimneys made of stainless steel

There are stainless steel chimneys in two designs, single wall and twin wall. The twin wall models have some advantages over the single-walled models. The pipe walls of the chimney pipes, which are around 2 mm to 4 mm thick, combined with a stainless steel chimney, the perfect solution for an environment that is fire-protected. In addition, they give off even less heat into the living space. The twin wall stainless steel chimney is available in our online shop as well as in specialist shops. You can adapt the length to your individual needs. However, you should have the inside diameter determined using a cross-section calculation. To fasten the flue pipe, you often need an angle that creates the connection between the stove and the flue pipe. The angled pipe set is available in our online shop. Would you like an individual installation of a stainless steel chimney? No problem, we offer you our chimney kit so that nothing stands in the way of installing your stainless steel chimney.

Flue pipes with built-in throttle valve

The throttle valve, also known as the cleaning valve, is a type of metal cover that is often already built into the chimney pipes. Often this plate is in a pipe bend or in a straight line. With a lever. The flap that is above the stove can be opened and closed again manually. This allows you to increase or decrease the cross section of the throttle valve by 70%. If you open the cleaning flap, more draft is created and outside air gets into the stove. If the flap is closed, however, the heat can stay in the oven longer and less draft can get into the oven.

When should you open the throttle valve and when should you close it?

You can regulate both the temperature and the flue gas exhaust via the throttle valve on the chimney. But the flame pattern, the burning time and the efficiency can also be influenced. So it should be opened when you light the fire or add more fuel. Then close it when there is a decent flame and it is burning properly. Even if you will not be using your stove for a long time, such as in summer, you should keep the throttle valve closed.

The flap on the chimney pipe is particularly important for regulating the burning intensity. An oven usually has one or two slides. If there is only one primary slide, we definitely recommend a cleaning flap. A pipe with a built-in throttle valve can also be used if there are two valves (primary and secondary valves). Because you can only do without a throttle valve if the intensity of the combustion changes by regulating the slide. If this is not the case, however, it should remain in the stovepipe.

Which flue pipe is the right one?

There is no general answer to the question of the right chimney pipe. The range of flue pipes is very large and the proper connection of the stove depends on several factors. The length and installation angle of the stovepipe play an important role here. We would be happy to advise you in our online shop, which is the right chimney pipe for your home. Our customer service will be happy to assist you with this.