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Looking for a safe and efficient way to vent your stove or fireplace? Our high-quality twin wall flue products offer easy installation, low maintenance, and long-lasting performance. Browse our selection

today and experience the benefits of safe, efficient, and reliable venting with our twin wall flues!

We are also the producer and owner of the brand. This presents the advantage that we ourselves control the production and delivery. Read here what the advantages of our system are.

✔️ Twin wall flue - stainless steel V4A (1.4404) / V2A (1.4301)

✔️ Up to 25 years guaranty

✔️ CE & TÜV certified

✔️ 600 °C permanently / 1000 °C burn-out tested - highest level

✔️ Solid fuels, oil and gas (pellets after consultation with chimney sweep)

✔️ Twin wall flue kits - Twin wall flue parts.

For any information concerning our products, do not hesitate to contact our team at +44 20 4577 1086 or by email info@eschimney.co.uk

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  1. Ø 80mm(3'') 2.2m to 12.2m Twin Wall Stainless Steel Chimney Outdoor Flue Pipe Kit

    From £478.00
  2. Ø 130mm(5'') 2.2m to 12.2m Twin Wall Stainless Steel Chimney Outdoor Flue Kit

    From £402.00
  3. Ø 150mm(6'') 2.2m to 12.2m Twin Wall Stainless Steel Chimney Outdoor Flue Pipe Kit

    From £418.00
  4. Ø 180mm(7'') 2.2m to 12.2m Twin Wall Stainless Steel Chimney Outdoor Flue Kit

    From £492.00
  5. Ø 200mm(8'') 2.2m to 12.2m Twin Wall Stainless Steel Chimney Outdoor Flue Kit

    From £532.00
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Stainless steel chimney kits directly from the manufacturer

You don't need a lot to create a cozy atmosphere at home. A fireplace and the matching chimney. With us you have a great opportunity to come closer to your dream of your own wood-burning stove in a simple way. Your choice should be a twin wall stainless steel chimney kit. You can put it together in individual parts according to your wishes or buy it in our online shop using the practical modular system.

With us you will find chimney kits made of stainless steel in various lengths and with different inner diameters. Our fireplace kits have the highest quality standards and can be expanded modular. If the specified kit length does not suit you, you can simply order a chimney extension. You can order products such as roof ducts in the desired angles, offset arches or adjustable wall brackets for your kit in our online shop.

Our range offers you a high degree of flexibility for your chimney. In addition, the assembly of the stainless steel chimneys is very easy and can be assembled independently. Please contact us for a telephone consultation.

Stainless steel chimneys are the modern alternative to brick chimneys

Appropriate smoke extractors are required for furnaces such as chimneys or stoves. The brick chimneys are often very expensive, but we offer you a modern alternative with our twin wall stainless steel chimneys. They not only impress with their good-looking appearance, but are also significantly more cost-effective than the masonry version.

With us you get a fair stainless steel chimney price and up to a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee. Every single chimney element is TÜV tested and CE certified. Our material thickness of 0.5 mm and the Premium corrosion class (V2) guarantee our products a very long service life. Of course, there is also an extremely high temperature resistance of 600 ° C.

Chimneys made of stainless steel - twin wall and robust

All of our stainless steel chimneys are twin wall and suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation. Thanks to the twin wall design of our chimneys, you do not need an additional layer of insulation, you can use the chimney directly. Stainless steel chimneys are also resistant to weather such as dryness or moisture. That is why we guarantee our customers that our stainless steel chimney products are the right choice.

Our patented twist lock system

Our patented twist-lock technology enables a very simple structure of our products. This technique is reminiscent of a jam jar closure and is very easy to use. Based on our experience, we can say that even a layman can manage to assemble our stainless steel chimney kit in just a few minutes. If you still have questions about the assembly, please take a look at the assembly instructions or our video. We will show you step by step what you have to consider during assembly. You can also reach us by phone or email during our service hours.