Stainless steel flue pipes with the patented Twist-Lock system

Slowly but surely it is getting colder outside and inside too. So the winter is clearly noticeable for us. How do you make your home a comfortably warm and cozy place? With our stainless steel chimneys and stainless steel chimneys you are doing everything right! These are also equipped with our patented Twist-Lock System. But what does twist lock actually mean? We'll explain it to you.

The patented Twist-Lock System is a process developed by us to connect our stainless steel flue pipe elements. This gives your chimney even more stability. The swivel coupling on our flue pipe elements is similar to the jam jar closure. This ensures that the individual elements can be plugged into one another and rotated. This frictional connection affects the entire statics of the chimney. All individual parts are securely and stably connected to one another thanks to the Twist-Lock System.

twist-lock system

Can you build a stainless steel chimney yourself?

With the Twist-Lock system, we guarantee you a very easy assembly! You don't need to be a specialist to assemble the stainless steel chimney from After you have got an overview of the individual parts and the assembly instructions, you can get started. To equip your home optimally for the winter, a stainless steel chimney with a Twist-Lock System and an insulation layer made of glass ceramic fiber (25 mm) and on top of that with a very low material weight is the best possible choice.

Why is the statics of the stainless steel chimney improved?

The individual parts are not only twisted together, but also provided with a locking band, which increases the stability enormously. The locking bands work by means of a snap lock, so you don't have to screw anything anymore. In addition, the ingress of moisture and the escape of soot particles are prevented.

Can you injure yourself when installing a stainless steel chimney?

There is hardly any risk of injury when setting up our chimneys. If you have already gained experience with other manufacturers, we can reassure you with a clear conscience. Because with us there are no sharp edges. But you should bring a little manual skill with you, then the assembly should not be a problem for you.

What else should you watch out for?

Please discuss your building project with your district chimney sweeper in advance. You will receive certain specifications from him or her so that we can plan your stainless steel fireplace. We can offer you various length elements for your stainless steel chimney. They are available in different diameters of 80 mm, 100 mm 130 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm and 200 mm. Please note that we always speak of the inner diameter in our online shop. A total insulation thickness of 50 mm is added to the specified diameter (25 mm insulation all around). If you plan to install several combustion connections instead of just one, we have provided the accessories you need. If you don't know what to do and have questions for us, we are happy to help you at any time. You can contact our customer support via e-mail ( or by phone.

Do you now know what you need? Right - a stainless steel chimney with a Twist-Lock system!

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