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Twist-Lock System

Our twin wall flue pipe systems, made of high-quality stainless steel, meet the highest quality standards. They are also equipped with our Twist-Lock System. The twist lock system not only saves you valuable time during assembly, it also enables you to assemble it neatly and is ultimately very stable. ...More.

Direct from the manufacturer
Direct From The Manufacturer

We attach great importance to the quality of our products. That is why you benefit from our direct delivery without intermediaries.

25 years manufacturer guarantee
25 Years Manufacturer Guarantee

As we are convinced of the quality of our products, we offer a guarantee of up to 25 years on your stainless steel flue pipes and accessories.

No shipping costs
Free Shipping

Our kits work on the modular principle, with which you can assemble your chimney quickly and easily. We waive the shipping cost by minimum order value of £600.

Safe shopping
Safe Shopping

We offer you several options to pay for your purchase with us. Of course, our payment methods are safe thanks to SSL encryption. In addition, our products are CE certified and TÜV tested.


We have put together the complete kits for you to make the ordering process easy. We offer floor and wall mounting, as well as roof flashings and elbows. Our products are TÜV tested and therefore approved in Germany, which we guarantee with our certificate.

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Premium Quality

TÜV Tested

Fast Delivery

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Directly from the manufacturer including guarantee

For more information on assembly, take a look at our tutorial video!


"Very good products"

I am very enthusiastic about the service and the quality of the stainless steel chimneys. Everything went very easily and quickly. I would buy my chimney here again and again!

Lisa B.

Why should you choose a stainless steel chimney?

Hardly anything is as inviting as a crackling fireplace in the living room. Especially when the day at work has been long or you have been out for a walk in winter. A stove gives a room warmth and exudes a feeling of relaxation.

Unfortunately, many houses no longer have functional or accessible chimneys. Retrofitting is possible, but it is often associated with a lot of work and high costs. That's why a stainless steel chimney is ideal for this. A stainless steel chimney is versatile and flexible in use. So you can choose what you need according to your wishes. And if you don't know exactly what you need, we will be happy to advise you.

The wall penetration for the later fireplace or stove

First, the wall penetration must be determined and planned. For this, an exact height must be determined, which determines at which point the wall is broken through. The opening must then be drawn on the wall. After that is done, the breakthrough can properly take place. Please note that the radius of the opening should be three centimetres larger than the radius of the wall penetration from the chimney to the flue pipe. When you have mastered this, the connection piece can be fixed with help (e.g. with rock wool or cement).

Roof opening or offset of the assembly

Depending on which variant of a stainless steel chimney you have, in some cases the chimneys have to be led around the eaves of the roof. For this you need our stainless steel elbows in the next step, each of which is bent at an angle of up to 30 °. Alternatively, you can also use a roof flashing. Please pay close attention to the assembly instructions. The wall brackets are then attached.

The insulation of the pipe

Now the inner pipe must be mounted on the stove. You can insulate it with rock wool around the wall penetration in the wall opening. Outside, the wall can be filled with cement for example, so you can't see the rock wool anymore. Indoor you can also use gypsum. Now it's the right time to attach any wall finishing plates to blend everything on the wall, so it looks nice and neat.

Please refrain from a test run! First, your chimney sweeper should take a close look at the chimney and officially approve it. The test run can then be carried out together with a specialist.

Chimney assembly

After the wall penetration is fixed, the tee element should be attached. The inspection length is attached to the lower end of the tee element, which in turn is placed on the anchor plate and screwed to a base support. The chimney can then be assembled from bottom to top step by step with our Twist-Lock System (saves up to 60% of the assembly time).

Does it make sense to buy a used stainless steel chimney?

Climate change is expected to be continually existing and consuming. That is why you should rethink your own consumer behavior in many situations and use used products as often as possible. With regard to stainless steel chimneys, however, you should be careful not to buy them used if possible. Since stainless steel chimneys have to meet strict requirements in order to be put into operation, you should rather get a new product. Because you know exactly what it is all about and where you are getting it from.

Risk of invisible defects

If you search for a used stainless steel chimney online, you will quickly find that you will find plenty of results. So if you are really interested in a used chimney, don't be fooled by photos and look at it once again in personal. But even so, there is still the risk that you will not be able to see all of the defects at first glance. Even if it is a stainless steel chimney, it is not always possible to immediately tell which fuels the previous owner used and whether the chimney was previously exposed to excessive moisture. In addition, you cannot see whether regular maintenance has been carried out, which is essential in order to properly comply with all fire protection regulations.

Problems with spare parts for used stainless steel chimneys

If, despite the risks, you have decided to buy a used stainless steel chimney and have previously received the approval of your chimney sweeper, you may at some point have to replace parts of your chimney. Please keep in mind that stainless steel fireplaces are often manufactured in batches. The appearance and the material often change in the batches. As a result, your chimney may no longer optically match, as e.g. the color of the spare part differs from the rest of the stainless steel chimney.

Shop safely and carefree

When you buy a chimney from us, you will receive professional advice and, if necessary, a cross-section calculation. After the purchase you will receive a manufacturer's guarantee and our declaration of performance from us. So you can be sure that your chimney also meets all the necessary fire protection regulations.