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Customize your chimney flue pipe for indoor or outdoor use

Our double wall stainless steel chimney flues are CE certified and TÜV tested. Made of V4A and V2A stainless steel. It is known to be very durable and resistant to heat up to 600° Celsius up to 600° Celsius at all times. All our stainless steel fireplaces and their individual parts are double-walled and have an insulation thickness of 25 mm. They are also all equipped with our Twist-Lock. As a manufacturer, we offer a 10 year / 25 year warranty (optional warranty) on this product and we will gladly advise you on the planning of your new cheminée en acier inoxydable.

Prices start at : £152,00
Twin flue pipes in kit
*also for the garden house garden

Instructions de montage

Twist-Lock system

Easier installation method

Garantie  constructeur

up to 25 years guaranty

Tested by TüV (Germany) according to EN 1856-1 - T600


Perfect insulating effect

Épaisseur de  paroi

More stability and rigidity


Best materials and highest quality

Inside diameter of the double wall duct:


The Twist-Lock system, as the name suggests, consists of screwing two stove pipe elements together. This ensures quick and easy assembly, but also less loss of length when the elements are pushed together. This system allows anyone to assemble the chimney and saves up to 60% of the assembly time.

In our category "double-wall unit" you will find everything you need to adapt and complete your chimney flue to your needs.

More information

The diameters indicated with the sign Ø correspond to the inner diameter of the double wall chimney.

To know the external diameter of the product, you must add 50mm corresponding to the insulation of the flue.EXAMPLE: Ø130 inner diameter and 180mm outer diameter.


Stainless steel chimney kits up to 12 meters high

Not all houses have the same height, but all houses are subject to strict fire safety regulations and therefore each stainless steel chimney must be adapted to each individual house. Our kits are available in different heights, from 3.2 meters to 12.2 meters. The kits are available in the following inner diameters: 130 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm and 200 mm. They are also compatible with all spare parts in our online store.

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The double-walled stainless steel chimneys of Insulated Flue are approved throughout the EU and are suitable for all regulating fireplaces operating under negative pressure and for dry operation.

Our chimneys are made of high quality stainless steel, i.e. the stainless steel used is AISI 316L for the inner wall and AISI 304 for the outer wall. The insulation of our flues is made of ceramic fiber with a thickness of 25mm on each side.

Our chimney flues with inner diameter Ø 80-100-130-150-180-200 are classified T600 N1 D V2 L50050 G50

T600 T600 Represents the nominal operating temperature of our flues 600°C

N1 or P1 Pressure class: This corresponds to the ability of a chimney duct to withstand the gases in combustion, whether in positive or negative pressure.

W or D Condensation resistance: This category determines whether or not the chimney duct is suitable for condensation during use. There are 2 classes: W and D. W means suitable for operation in wet conditions and D means suitable for dry operation.

V2 Corrosion resistance: This refers to the durability of the chimney flue in relation to its corrosion resistance. Products can be designated as V1, V2 or V3 based on several tests described in EN 1856-1. Our double wall chimney flues are classified as V2. This means that our flues are corrosion resistant for use with gas, coal, oil and wood.

G or O Resistance to chimney fire: Here you have two possibilities: either your flue is resistant to chimney fire and is therefore category G or it is not and is therefore category O.

Safety distance : This last classification determines the safety distance to be respected between the outer wall of the chimney and all combustible materials. This distance is expressed in millimeters. The safety distance between our stainless steel chimney and other materials is 50mm or 5cm.