How to choose my chimney cap?

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How to choose my chimney cap?

The purpose of a chimney cap

In order to ensure a good evacuation of smoke, it is necessary to know how to choose the good type of cap adequate to its chimney, this element has for goal to protect your conduit of the hazards of the climatic change, floods, but also of the risks of moisture or strong snow which can cause damage in some zones and regions.

On the other hand, due to its height, your chimney kit must be covered in order to limit the risk of some animals, which can find refuge on your roof (such as birds, or bats).

More precisely, a chimney cap allows to reduce the rate of risks and dangers which can intervene during the use of a heating system.

What to choose for your fireplace?

Fireplace hats come in many shapes and designs: On the one hand

we have one of the most famous hats which is the rain hat.

rain cap for flue pipe

As the name suggests, it is designed to prevent rain from getting in or wind from some windy areas, as well as to improve the draft of your flue, but also, it is designed to protect you from bird attacks.


On the other hand, we have the rain cap with protection.

Rain cap with wind protection Ø 80-100-130-150-180-200 mm

The latter represents the same advantages as the rain cap, if not better. In addition to its effectiveness in ensuring a good draught, it is also highly recommended in areas where the weather is more intense such as: houses in the mountains, facades near the sea .... Etc., whose risk can manifest itself in a more frequent way.

Both caps are characterized by a refined and simple design and are available in different diameters and lengths for our stainless steel products in double wall.