When is the insulation shell needed?

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When is the insulation shell needed?

When do I need a through-wall insulation shell?

If you want to fit a fireplace inside and mount the stainless steel chimney outside, you must go through the wall with a connecting element. However, if you have a wall that contains flammable insulating materials such as certain insulating wools, polystyrene, etc. or even wood, you absolutely have to worry about a firewall feedthrough.

Coquille isolante

The firewall protection is insulation that is inserted into your wall. This fire protection insulation is then used to insert a double-walled feed-through element.

The connecting element (sliding element) is thus surrounded by the fire protection and complies with the legal distance to your wall/insulation that is subject to fire.

Fireproof insulations withstand flue gas temperatures of up to 600°. Of course, your stove does not have such a high temperature. Most wood or lignite burning stoves have a maximum exhaust gas temperature of about 300-400°.

However, it is reassuring to know that even higher temperatures are not a problem for fire safety passages. You should also look into the combustion regulations or ask your chimney sweep* for advice.

The regulations in the fire ordinances are specified by the individual federal states and are very long. Please refer to the following link for the building regulations in your country: https://www.bauordnungen.de/html/deutschland.html


Most fire wall passages can also be passed through the ceiling, if you are allowed to install an interior chimney and pass it directly through a wood ceiling. In addition, these passageways are usually accompanied by fire protection plates (e.g., vermicullite) for the interior of your home/apartment.

If you have any further questions about our firewall penetrations and their approvals, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer you!